Nausea and heartburn

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When you drink too much alcohol, it will be terrible if you feel sick, experience a sour taste from the stomach, or end up vomiting. At the same time, you may experience tingling discomfort from the esophagus to the stomach.
Now, I will explain the causes of and solutions to nausea and heartburn.

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Nausea / heartburn caused by overdrinking

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Among the various causes of nausea and heartburn, let's look at the causes of nausea and heartburn associated with drinking too much alcohol.

Drinking alcohol makes it easy for the reflux of the stomach contents

While a moderate amount of alcohol is beneficial in promoting blood circulation, alcohol irritates the stomach and intestines. This may damage the gastric mucosa and increase gastric acid secretion.
Furthermore, drinking too much alcohol may result in a lowered ability in closing the opening (cardia) of the stomach. Normally, the opening of the stomach closes to prevent backflow of its contents. However, if the energy required to close the opening is weakened due to overdrinking, reflux of the stomach contents is likely to occur.

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Refluxed gastric contents can damage the esophagus

The function of the stomach is to mix food and fluids that enter from the mouth. The food is first mixed with gastric juice and then sent to the small intestine in an easy-to-digest form. Gastric juice contains gastric acid, which is a strong acid. While the stomach produces gastric mucus to protect the stomach wall from this acid, the esophagus does not have this property.
Therefore, if reflux of the stomach contents mixed with gastric juice occurs, the strong acid flows into the esophagus and damages it. This is one of the causes of heartburn.

How can one deal with nausea and heartburn?

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It is best to enjoy alcohol in moderation, but there are other things you can try to prevent nausea and heartburn.
Why not try the following approaches?

Avoid smoking and eating oily foods

Smoking and eating oily foods increase gastric acid secretion.
Reflux is likely to occur when the amount of gastric acid increases. Avoid smoking and the consumption of oily foods as much as possible.

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Do not apply pressure to the stomach

Having a posture that presses the stomach, such as squatting, can lead to reflux of the stomach contents.

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Maintain a sleeping posture such that the stomach is not pressed

Considering the shape of the stomach, lying down with your upper body slightly elevated will help prevent backflow of the stomach contents. You can raise your back slightly using a pillow.

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