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At JPS Pharmaceutical, we make the best use of the blessings of nature to manufacture kampo medicines and crude drug preparations. We are particular about water and the environment as well as crude drugs, and have been consistently manufacturing in Japan for over 60 years.
We are confident that our products can cross the oceans and support people’s health in many countries. Also, we can provide the manufacturing technology we have cultivated for 60 years.

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What is Kampo

Kampo medicine originated in China, however it is a traditional medicine that has developed uniquely since it was introduced to Japan.
Kampo medicine not only relieves symptoms, but also the cause of symptoms and physical constitution.
It is also used for complaints such as frail constitution, sensitivity to cold, menopause symptoms, and indefinite complaints that are “diseases that cannot be measured by test results and numerical values.”
The raw materials for kampo are natural herb roots and tree bark. JPS Pharmaceutical manufactures kampo medicine extracts by focusing on the water to be extracted from the purchase of raw materials.

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