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JPS Pharmaceutical 60th Anniversary - The Road to Our Dream -

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Management philosophy

Best use of the blessings of nature and contribution to human health and society 

JPS Pharmaceutical offers pharmaceutical products based on the Eastern medicine theory that “aims to cure disease by pursuing physical harmony (balance) in sick persons according to providence that human beings are one with nature and need nature to be alive”, in the context of oriental medicine concept.

Hoping that everyone can live healthy and happy life, we are committing to contribute to your daily life further by continuously offering high-quality, reliable products and service which have been collectively developed by enthusiastic spirit and effort of our colleagues.

Our Quality Policy

JPS Pharmaceutical CO., LTD contributes to people’s healthy and prosperous lives and the future of medicine through the provision of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

  1. We construct and maintain our quality assurance regime in accordance with international standards, observe the requirements of laws and regulations, and practically implement appropriate manufacturing and quality management.
  2. We maintain appropriate product and knowledge management and high production technology capabilities and stably provide high quality pharmaceuticals.
  3. Based on our quality policy, we specify concrete and specific initiatives related to quality as organizational goals, raise awareness among and gain the understanding of all our employees on these and practically implement them.
  4. We periodically conduct quality audits and management reviews and realize continuous improvements to our pharmaceutical quality system.
  5. We seek to improve the skills of our employees through education and training.

JPS Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD

president: Kobayashi Seiji
Yamada Fuji with elevation of 46 meters - photograph taken near the peak (8th station) / President: Kobayashi Seiji

Message from the President

Happy New Year.
Thank you very much for visiting the website of JPS Pharmaceutical.
We look forward to receiving your continued patronage this year.

The scene shown in this photograph is Yamada Fuji, which has an elevation of 46 meters. Our head office is located in Yokohama City’s Tsuzuki Ward, and this ward has many beautiful tree-lined roads and parks. One of the nearest stations is Kita-yamata Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line. Next to the station is Fujizuka, a hill constructed in the Edo period for worshipping the god of Mount Fuji, and it has been well known for its cherry blossoms since ancient times.

Medicines such as Kakkonto are often used in the cold winter months of January and February, and we sometimes receive comments that JPS Pharmaceutical’s Kakkonto works well. Manufacturing traditional Chinese (Kampo) medicines is similar to cooking. Even when using the same recipe to make a dish, it will be delicious when a veteran chef makes it. Manufacturing of Kampo extracts is affected by various factors such as the selection of crude drugs, humidity, temperature, and climate.
Our commitment is the integrated domestic manufacturing that we have continued for many years, and going forward we intend to continue to build on our experience as a manufacturer of Kampo medicines.

We are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, so we continue to implement thorough infection prevention measures as we carry out our corporate activities.
So that everyone can have a healthy year again this year, we believe it is our company's mission to contribute to your health by manufacturing and selling even better Kampo medicines.

Jan 4th, 2021

president: Kobayashi Seiji

President: Kobayashi Seiji