Corporate information

corporate information

Management philosophy

Best use of the blessings of nature and contribution to human health and society 

JPS Pharmaceutical offers pharmaceutical products based on the Eastern medicine theory that “aims to cure disease by pursuing physical harmony (balance) in sick persons according to providence that human beings are one with nature and need nature to be alive”, in the context of oriental medicine concept.

Hoping that everyone can live healthy and happy life, we are committing to contribute to your daily life further by continuously offering high-quality, reliable products and service which have been collectively developed by enthusiastic spirit and effort of our colleagues.

Our Quality Policy

JPS Pharmaceutical CO., LTD contributes to people’s healthy and prosperous lives and the future of medicine through the provision of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

  1. We construct and maintain our quality assurance regime in accordance with international standards, observe the requirements of laws and regulations, and practically implement appropriate manufacturing and quality management.
  2. We maintain appropriate product and knowledge management and high production technology capabilities and stably provide high quality pharmaceuticals.
  3. Based on our quality policy, we specify concrete and specific initiatives related to quality as organizational goals, raise awareness among and gain the understanding of all our employees on these and practically implement them.
  4. We periodically conduct quality audits and management reviews and realize continuous improvements to our pharmaceutical quality system.
  5. We seek to improve the skills of our employees through education and training.

JPS Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD

president: Kobayashi Seiji
President: Kobayashi Seiji

Message from the President

Thank you very much for visiting the website of JPS Pharmaceutical.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by SARS-CoV-2 and those whose lives are affected by its spread. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone in the medical field for their efforts in infection prevention and medical treatment.

The national emergency declaration was lifted on May 25th. However, SARS-CoV-2 is not gone. Going forward, our new daily lives will be that “infection prevention should be carried out in daily life and corporate activities.”
Traditional Chinese medicine has been used as a measure to control epidemics since ancient times. There is something called the “Shokanron (Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases)” in a classic book on Chinese herbs from the third century. At that time, it was said that the author lost more than half of his family to a rampant cold illness (acute febrile illness), and wrote a method of treatment that contained many herbal medicines that are still used today. In this current situation, Chinese herbal medicine is gaining more and more attention.

Our company quickly established a SARS-CoV-2 countermeasures headquarters to maintain a stable supply of medicinal products, such as Chinese herbs, and health foods that are necessary to maintain health. We will implement thorough infection prevention measures not only within the company but also in outside activities such as training and sales, and will to do so until the situation returns to normal.
Thanks to all of you, our Tochigi factory is able to manufacture as usual, and our head office departments can continue corporate activities centered on working from home.

Even when the environment or social conditions change, JPS Pharmaceutical's product quality standards will not.
We take pride in our customer’s knowing they can trust JPS Pharmaceutical's Kampo products.
We sincerely hope that JPS Pharmaceutical's Chinese medicine and health food products will be useful for your health.

Jun 9th, 2020

president: Kobayashi Seiji

President: Kobayashi Seiji