Message from the President

 Thank you very much for visiting the JPS Pharmaceutical website.
Since our establishment in 1960, we have been manufacturing and selling mainly kampo medicine under the management philosophy of "best use of the blessings of nature and contribution to human health and society." In 1966, we began research and development of a kampo extract formulation that had barely been distributed, and launched the first liquid kudzu tea extract formulation in Japan. In addition, we are working to promote cold remedies that take advantage of the positive aspects of Western medicine and kampo medicine, and are developing products centered on kampo medicine.

 We are committed to "integrated manufacturing in Japan," which means that everything from the procurement of medicines to the shipment of products is done at our own factories in Japan, in order to deliver better kampo medicines to our customers. This makes us a very rare manufacturer that can confirm all the processes with our own eyes and deliver our products.

 In addition, the manufacture and sale of kampo medicines, which can support health while receiving the blessings of nature, have many aspects that are consistent with the idea of sustainability.

 JPS Pharmaceutical will continue to work tirelessly to contribute to the health of our customers through a firm commitment to sustainability.

President: Kikuchi Toshio