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Nausea, heartburn, and headache on the day after drinking: Hangovers feel awful, don't they?
Once you recover from a hangover, it is only natural that you go back to enjoying drinking alcohol.
I'm sure you want to avoid hangovers and enjoy drinking. Do you know the causes of and solutions for hangovers?

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What causes a hangover?

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As a matter of fact, the causes of hangovers have not been fully explained yet. However, here are some of the most leading theories.

Changes in hormone secretion due to drinking

Various hormones are involved in regulating the activities of the human body.
For example, if you drink too much alcohol, your hormone levels will change dramatically. Drinking alcohol may make you urinate frequently as you have lower hormone levels that regulate urine production. The net outcome is insufficient fluid levels in the body.
In contrast, hormone levels increase when you have a hangover and can cause fluid accumulation in the body.

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Effects of acetaldehyde

Some of you may have heard of acetaldehyde.
When you drink alcohol, acetaldehyde is broken down in your body as follows:

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Alcohol is metabolized to acetaldehyde in the liver. Although residual acetaldehyde in the body is known to cause hangovers, no definitive data have been reported.

How does one deal with hangovers?

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The best approach is to not drink too much! However, sometimes, you may end up drinking, and whether you will have a hangover may depend on your health condition that day.
To avoid hangovers, it is important to drink alcohol in moderation whenever possible.

Drink water

Alcohol consumption results in a higher urine output, which causes your body to get dehydrated. Try to drink water before and during drinking.
Some people say that beer tastes better when they are thirsty and when it is had during hot weather; however, this way of drinking alcohol is not good for health.

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Consume amino acids

Acetaldehyde is metabolized to the nontoxic acetic acid in the liver. Amino acids support this function of the liver.
Typical amino acids include ornithine, alanine, and glutamine, which are present in clams.

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Gastrointestinal medicines indicated for “overdrinking”

Some over-the-counter gastrointestinal medicines are labeled for the indication of “overdrinking.”
Some of these medicines should be taken after a meal, whereas others should be taken before a meal, or sometimes even with or without a meal; thus, find the most suitable medicine for you.

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