Steps to release OEM products

The manufacturing of OEM products that satisfy our valued partners and their customers is the goal of JPS Pharmaceutical. Feel free to contact us to ask about formulation, dosage form, package, marketing authorization application or any other needs you may have.

OEM products image

Product design

The product overview is designed through discussions with the customer, including example components, quality, cost, dosage form, and more to define the intended product.

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Trial manufacture

A prototype is manufactured using a trial manufacturing machine with the same function as those used for production phase in the factory after reviewing the formulation. We can propose different packagings and dosage forms as follows.

ItemKampo formulation for prescription, OTC Kampo formulation, common cold remedy, antipyretic analgesic, sinus medicine, health food, Kampo extract product, etc.
Dosage formGranules, tablets, liquids
PackagingAluminum separate packaging, tablet filling (bottle), aluminum pouch packaging, cartoning

Reviewing formulation, test method, and product specifications

Test methods and product specifications are reviewed and proposed based on the resulting prototype.

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Pharmaceutical marketing authorization application

We can help you obtain approval of marketing authorization application and supply pharmaceutical products as you request.

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