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Supporting the tomorrow of alcohol lovers / Goreioge / Category 2 OTC medicines

My name is Reiko, and I own a bar “Izakaya Gorei” in a town.
Have you heard of “Goreioge?”
It is a liquid gastrointestinal medicine prepared using the extract of nine crude drugs, effective in treating overdrinking and overeating.
Now, let me describe “Goreioge.”

The proprietress Reiko
What is Goreioge?
Goreioge Show

What is Goreioge?

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Goreioge Category 2 OTC medicines

“Goreioge” is a liquid gastrointestinal medicine.
It is JPS Pharmaceutical's original formulation created by combining the key kampo formulations “Goreisan” and “Orengedokuto.”

Launched in 1967 / It was dispensed in an ampoule container when it was first made available.


Excessive drinking, overeating, nausea (hangover, queasiness, upset stomach, nausea), loss of appetite, heavy stomach, stomach/abdominal bloating, heartburn, chest tightness, weak stomach, vomiting, indigestion.


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Nausea and heartburn

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Upset stomach

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The above unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms are caused by:

Toxic substances image

Toxic substances that are produced when drinking alcohol

May not be properly excreted and may remain in the body.

Excessive fluid retained in the stomach and intestines: image

Excessive fluid retained in the stomach and intestines

The fluid may irritate the digestive system.

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Digesting oily foods may upset your stomach and intestines

The stomach and intestines may be overworking and have excessive heat in them.

For conditions in which the stomach and intestines are affected by overdrinking/overeating


Goreioge product image Category 2 OTC medicines
on the stomach and intestines that are affected by overdrinking and overeating Exerts three effects / Suppresses gastrointestinal heat / Discharges the excess fluid in the stomach and intestines / Enhances the function of the weakened stomach

"Goreioge" is made from the crude drugs used in two kampo formulations, “Goreisan” and “Orengedokuto.”

The proprietress Reiko
Goreisan Bukuryo Byakujutsu Keihi Takusya Chorei Orengedokuto Obaku Ogon Sanshishi Oren

JPS Pharmaceutical factory uses integrated manufacturing systems right from the procurement of crude drugs to the manufacture and packaging of kampo extracts.

Integrated manufacturing in Japan

Our strength is that we can manufacture high-quality Kampo and crude drug preparations through integrated domestic manufacturing at our own factories, from the management of crude drugs to the production and packaging of extracts.

Carefully selected crude drugs

The raw materials and crude drugs for extracts, which greatly affect quality, are rigorously checked for each crude drug, and purchased in a form as close to their original form as possible.

Commitment to water

We purify water at our own factories and always use clean water of constant quality for extract extraction. Wastewater is also purified with the help of microorganisms.

Domestic integrated manufacturing systems have been successfully implemented.

JPS Pharmaceutical’s factory is located in Tochigi.

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Our domestic integrated manufacturing systems in the factory have enabled us to handle crude drugs and manufacture extracts, dosage forms, and packaging under strict control.

Crude drugs

Crude drugs image

Crude drugs are purchased in their original form as far as possible and blended to ensure uniform quality.

Kampo extracts

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Crude drugs are extracted using boiling water.


bottling image

Liquid products are bottled and shipped.

Goreioge Show

Customers who stop by “Izakaya Gorei” at the end of the day tell me all kinds of stories.
Here are a few…

The proprietress Reiko

【Episode 1】Women’s minds and “Goreioge”

Episode 1 image

【Episode 2】Drinking after getting promoted and “Goreioge”

Episode 2 image

【Episode 3】Bride’s father and “Goreioge”

Episode 3 image

【Episode 4】Retirement and “Goreioge”

Episode 4 image

Supporting the tomorrow of alcohol lovers Goreioge

Goreioge product image / Category 2 OTC medicines

“Goreioge” is available at:

  • Nearby drugstores
  • JPS Pharmaceutical’s official online store
The proprietress Reiko
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