Technology provision

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Bringing the technology cultivated in Japanese factories to the world

JPS Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. provides manufacturing technology cultivated over 60 years.
We comprehensively support companies considering the manufacture of kampo medicines and extracts.

If your company is one of the following, please feel free to contact JPS Pharmaceutical.

  • Wants to manufacture kampo medicines
  • Wants to manufacture kampo extracts
  • The color of manufactured products changes quickly
  • Unable to produce decoction-like scented extract
  • Kampo extract yield is not good
  • Unable to make tablets well, there are many defective tablets, etc.
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Flow of technology provision

Request confirmation

  • Understanding needs through discussions
  • NDA contract

Factory visit

  • Factory tour
  • Check the content on actual machines


  • Confirmation of technical content, pricing, on-the-job training, technical guidance after technology introduction, etc.

On-the-job training

  • On-the-job training for engineers


  • Systems supports after technology introduction